Self-Care is Never a Selfish Act!

Use this 30 Day Self-Care Guide as an accountability tool in helping you develop a habit of nurturing you so you can nurture your crew!


You deserve to invest time each and every day in practices that enhance your mind, body and spirit. Let this guide show you the way to how simple and effective daily self-care can be. Practice 30 minutes per day for 30 days to create a habit.


This printable tracker will give you the ability to plan your week of self-care ahead of time.


Here are a few other benefits to using this handy tracker: 

  • A variety of ideas provided will keep your activities/practices/routines interesting!

  • Seeing what actually counts as self-care may help you realize that you are doing better than you think!

  • Doing this together with a friend or your family can make a fun little competition for those who like that kind of a thing!

  • Making the effort to consistently plan, act, and track sets the stage for learning more about yourself and what TLC you respond best to.

  • If you feel the benefits, you can bet those you are around all the time will appreciate these changes as well!


The mental gains are easy to understand – the physical changes you hope for yourself are totally the outcome of how hard you want to work. Brooke will provide any level of work out – but it is your mind that provides the level of results you desire.


Just do it for you– you won’t regret it. But it is a commitment to remember yourself on

a regular basis.


Your family will be proud of you and appreciate that you are giving them a good life.

example…even if they don’t say it.

Linda Sturtevant

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About Your Teacher & Guide:


I have had great experiences with pregnancy, giving birth and recovering, and I just have to give the credit to a safe and effective exercise routine (and a consistent sleep routine!).


Baby number three opened my eyes to the value of meeting with a wellness coach prior to going back to work. I was incredibly nervous and stressed about my ability to manage it all. 


After working with a coach, I felt like I could do anything. And the transition back to work went as smooth as it could have. Baby number four opened my eyes to the importance of intentional work for the pelvic floor and deep core connection. 


I share that so you know that I don’t only offer these services, I myself receive these services because I understand the value. My goal is to support mothers- from those who are pregnant with their first child to those who are ready to embrace their changing bodies, minds and spirits while transitioning to a new life routine after having children.



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