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Inside each you’ll discover a simple yet powerful message designed to:

  • Help you feel energized so that you are motivated and ready to get things done instead of procrastinating.

  • Challenge you with a thought-provoking reflection question that may just be the inspiration you need! 

  • Lift your spirits and make you smile so that you look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them.

  • Make you feel calm and focused even when you’re feeling like you never have enough time to do it all.

  • Keep you energized and ready for anything that life throws your way.


“One of the bright spots that kicks off my week is Brooke’s Motivation Monday emails! 


I love Brooke’s words of encouragement and inspiration. Her words also have a way to keep things in perspective in our high pace lives. Thanks Brooke, and keep your emails coming my way!”

Mike Bechtold

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About Your Teacher & Guide:


I have had great experiences with pregnancy, giving birth and recovering, and I just have to give the credit to a safe and effective exercise routine (and a consistent sleep routine!).


Baby number three opened my eyes to the value of meeting with a wellness coach prior to going back to work. I was incredibly nervous and stressed about my ability to manage it all. 


After working with a coach, I felt like I could do anything. And the transition back to work went as smooth as it could have. Baby number four opened my eyes to the importance of intentional work for the pelvic floor and deep core connection. 


I share that so you know that I don’t only offer these services, I myself receive these services because I understand the value. My goal is to support mothers- from those who are pregnant with their first child to those who are ready to embrace their changing bodies, minds and spirits while transitioning to a new life routine after having children.



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